Article about Gua Sha in Kosmetik

Read this very nice article and interview with Kristina Zanardi, Education and Product Regulatory at Kerstin Florian Sweden, in the latest issue of Kosmetik (SWE). Kristina talks about the benefits with Jade and Sibin-Bian stones that you'll find in our Gua Sha tools.

Kosmetik, no. 3 2019

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Interview with Kerstin in European Spa Magazine

"ANDA began as the brainchild of my daughter, Charlene, whose knowledge and passion for organic ingredients and natural formulations was extensive. She wanted to build a brand around them as the next generation for KerstinFlorian."

European Spa Magazine, Issue 67

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Kerstin Florian - Industry Icon of the Year!

We are honored to announce that Kerstin has been named Industry Icon Winner of American Spa Magazine's 2018 Women in Wellness Awards. Kerstin has spent her life spreading the message of spa wellness in everything she does and continues to inspire others to do the same.

American Spa Magazine, September 2018

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